Plastic Post Card Mailers - 1 year

Estimated Price:

• Lasts up to 1 year!
• Choose between our gloss or soft touch lamination
• Thick, premium 14pt C2S paper
• Two sided, 5.5"x4", CR80 card pops out of carrier at 3.375"x2.125"
• Printing turnaround as fast as three days

It sounds like a droid, and it’s just as cool. Our top-quality CR80 cards have a paper core, and are the standard size of nearly all financial cards and ID badges. Blast can personalize cards to your match mailings or imprint them with unique user info.

Click here to download our CR80-Post template!

If you’d like a custom CR80-post card created or are having trouble uploading artwork, give us a call at 855.99.BLAST.

Have your own design? Upload it here.