Circular Stickers

Estimated Price:

• UV Coat your stickers to stand out from the rest!
• Premium adhesive paper
• Two sizes, 1.88" diameter and 4" diameter
• Printing turnaround as fast as three days

Stickers aren’t just for kids anymore. Blast offers two sizes of our circular stickers, which can be individually cut or delivered in sheets. We also ensure that placement is perfect, so nothing is cut off or imbalanced. Whether you choose matte or gloss, our stickers stick out. Upload your own design or put our designers to work.

Click here to download our 1.88" template!

Click here to download our 4" template!

If you’d like a custom sticker created or are having trouble uploading artwork, give us a call at 855.99.BLAST.

Have your own design? Upload it here.